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Benefits of Corporate Prayer

These are days when our Good Father is responding with prayer answers like never before. I sense an awakening in the hearts of God’s people to gather, as one, and pray like never before.

This makes my heart happy. It is time to align and pray.

Many are discovering, they may have been wrong to think time spent praying corporately was not yielding fruit.

God is, truly, still answering the fervent prayers of His people.

In today’s blog, I want to encourage You to look with faith filled eyes at being apart of the corporate work of the church in prayer. We each are to develop and grow our individual personal time in prayer with our Father, but there is the work of what I call the ‘Corporate Christ’.

I want us to find value again and return to a heart posture of depending upon, relying upon and trusting God to answer when we pray corporately.

Jesus declares, “if two of you shall agree on earth about anything

you shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father which is in Heaven. For where two or three are gathered together, in My name, I am there in the midst of them. Matthew 18:19-20.

Together. Partnering. Teamwork. The strategy for unstoppable movement. So much in our world is driving selfishness and being individual, when much of all in the kingdom of God is community driven. My hope is you would be stirred to consider playing a greater role in advocating for and participating in what drives unity.

Gathering corporately to pray is a very necessary component of a healthy community of faith. The church is a people, a family, a body. It is when we work, in faith, as a unified organism we can see much fruit borne. It is a demonstration of love at work.

There are ‘benefits’ to gathering together with Your church or participating in unified gatherings with other churches of like faith.

Corporate defined: a company or group. A united people combined into one. Unified; community.

I would like for You to consider, there is power in functioning as a company or team.

As believers we understand faith is necessary to accomplish anything in the Kingdom. May we seek to believe and have confidence in what the scriptures show us is possible when we function ‘corporately’.

I challenge you to search your heart and choose to align with believing the Lord for these benefits to unfold as You gather corporately in the days to come. You are necessary and needed in Your community for fruitfulness to occur and be experienced in prayer. These are just a few benefits I want to share with You which may occur with Your participation


1. Corporate prayer, as ‘one man’, activates individual grace (divine influence upon the heart for obedience) from Holy Spirit. In Acts 2:1-3, when the community was on one accord prayer tongues of fire set on “each one”. There is an individual blessing of Holy Spirit which we may receive individually while serving corporately with our prayers.

2. Corporate prayer with one accord can activate miracles and healings for all. (Acts 3:1-6) It is at a time of prayer faith is activated to move in the miraculous. The power of agreement invites Jesus into our gathering.

3. Corporate prayer in faith can activate the power of God and release us into the realm of Holy boldness. ( Acts 4:23-31). We live in days where courageous love is necessary to melt hard hearts for the power of mercy and forgiveness to work, yielding transformation.

There are many opportunities available for us to pay the price of sacrificial love, to lay our lives down for another in faith. It is time to believe God, again, for His promised blessings revealed to those working together as “one man” in the spirit of fervent corporate prayer.

Let us pray. Let us pray corporately and enjoy the benefits of prayer, together.



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