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Welcome to Ruach!

Our Mission

Connecting humanity to the love of God, through a revelation of Jesus Christ, and relationship with Holy Spirit!

We are Ruach Covenant Church International, serving humanity with the Gospel of the Kingdom, for over 30+ years. Our passion is connecting humanity with the love of God, through a revelation of Jesus Christ, and relationship with Holy Spirit.


As an unorthodox, radical group of worshippers, who love the Scriptures, we crave transformation for ourselves and for all who seek change from the inside out. Our faith family seeks to inspire many to pursue excellence in Christ. It stirs in our spiritual DNA and this excites me.


I am excited about the days and times we live in.

Group Hug

There is so much creatively happening in the earth and change is everywhere. Opportunity abounds to be impactful with love, faith and joy. The Kingdom of God is advancing in the hearts and lives of men, women and children and being demonstrated globally. Yes, there are difficult times politically, relationally, economically and racially in the land we live in, but we are finding joy in serving and loving offering hope. Christ, we believe is the answer.

We are yielding to heaven to invade earth through our love, service, prayers, generosity and demonstration of this “beautiful gospel” we have been entrusted with. These are days of possibilities and opportunities to impact individuals, families and the world with understanding and love. Ruach, is where we gather as community to disciple and inspire all, to impact their spheres with God’s love and their gifts, abilities and service.

Right now, we are a community of faith in a season of discovery and maturity. We are undertaking a wonderful journey towards greater biblical literacy. Holy Spirit is opening the Scriptures to us in fresh ways, helping us to see Jesus, the last Adam, as never before.


The effect it is producing is tangible. A more loving, less condemning and less critical people, in the image of Christ. Humility, is becoming our superpower.


Humility is helping us to not fear discussing, searching and unlearning things which were not consistent with Christ’s nature and mandate. We are becoming family, disciples with authentic love for one another.

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The goal or our destination, at Ruach, is Christ-likeness. All we do in study, prayer, service, worship and generosity is to that end. We are focused on becoming a multi-ethnic, multi-generational ministry committed to strengthening families, serving community, and transforming lives by living out our core values which all flow from love. Perhaps, we may just be a community of faith for You and Your family.


Here we are in 2022, and truly “all things are becoming new”.

I welcome You To Ruach.

~Apostle Daryl O'neil

Meet our Pastor

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Meet Our Pastor

Apostle Daryl O'Neil

Daryl O’Neil is the Apostle and Senior Elder of Ruach Covenant Church International.

He ministers the Gospel with grace bringing clarity and understanding of the Word of God. The anointing upon his ministry grace invokes laughter, which opens the heart of the hearer to be engaged, uplifted and subsequently transformed by Christ.


The gift of God through Daryl’s life is strongly covenantal.


Through the ministry vehicle of “A Gathering of Kings and Priests” studies for the Unmarried, he is being used to reform ministry to those who are ‘single’. They are being discipled as covenant keepers and covenant defenders.


The author of two books on the subject of relationships, And to the Unmarried I Say and A Gathering of Kings and Priests, he is becoming widely sought after to be a builder and reconciler of relationships.


He is known as a unique builder of the Lord’s church with a refreshing and relevant ministry of the gospel of the Kingdom.

Daryl, has a true shepherds heart filled with compassion and the wisdom of God. His passion is for the reformation of the Church and to see the saints activated and released to disciple others in the principles of the kingdom throughout the nations of the earth.

Meet our Pastor

Our Ministries

Discussing Books

A GATHERING OF KINGS AND PRIESTS is the ministry through which we seek to disciple and empower all who are unmarried in the understanding of covenant.

The unmarried are: virgins, widows, youth, the divorced, separated, and those with no desire for marriage, all valuable to the Lord.


The unmarried are being developed in the type of

thinking which seeks to enable them to have healthy relationships in every area of their lives. Our bible studies and conferences for the unmarried have been life changing and transforming.

Kings & Priests

The Adullam Men’s Gatherings


Adullam means, “a place of refuge”, “a place to come aside”, “a hiding place”. These are meetings designed to create a safe place for men to come who are in debt, distressed and discontent and see them transformed by Scripture and practice in receiving the “justice of God”.


We are redefining Manhood, based upon the Kingdom model of Christ, the Last Adam. From these teachings men receive salvation, mercy, forgiveness, redemption, restoration, healing and deliverance.


Good things happen when men gather in numbers, with safety to pursue the process of becoming their authentic selves.

Mens Gahering
Inpspired Utterance
Reading a Prayer Book

Inspired Utterance meetings are designed to develop Holy Spirit inspired leaders.


Development in the areas of worship, the prophetic, missions and discipleship. Inspired Utterance Schools are designed to encourage, equip and empower people to succeed in every area of life. We believe life was NOT meant to be lived without help of Holy Spirit.

These are fun, yet challenging times to grow our faith and gifts.

Daughter’s of Abigail Coming Soon


The women of Ruach are being discipled in new covenant understanding of the original intent of Father for His daughters. Women and females are not inferior or made of some lessor DNA than men. We are seeking to disciple women of value, honor, humility and yet are innovative, creative potent leaders who work in partnership with men not competition to advance the rule of God in the earth. Abigail means, “The Father’s Joy” or The Father’s Exaltation. These meeting will inspire a new breed of woman with

the Father’s voice.

Friends Having Fun
Daughter's o Abigail
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